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Why Choose a Mobile Dog Grooming Business

Mobile pet grooming and a traditional retail pet business are both to be considered? HydroDog has strategically designed a mobile pet franchise business model to provide convenience and to serve the interests of customers, pets, and business owners alike. Opting for a mobile grooming franchise empowers our owners to flourish more effectively within the pet care sector compared to the conventional approach of leasing a retail outlet. The perks of a mobile franchise business extend far beyond evading the expenses associated with a brick-and-mortar space. Embracing a mobile franchise presents numerous advantages and convenience.

Your Mobile Pet Grooming Franchise is Free Advertising

At HydroDog we treat your pets like they are our own. Rest assure that a HydroDog pet is receiving love and attention throughout our visit. This personalized care is what we offer to our franchisees as well. Every pet is different and will require personalized care. At HydroDog, we understand that your market and your goals are unique, too.

When you choose HydroDog mobile grooming, you receive free advertising by simply driving around. We encourage you to get involved in local events such as farmers markets, school events, parades, pet adoption days, and local dog runs. Using your vehicle is not only spreading brand awareness–it is showing the community that you are involved and care about your neighborhoods.

A Mobile Dog Grooming Franchise Reduces Stress for Dogs and Clients

HydroDog mobile pet franchise offers the convenience of bringing grooming services directly to the pet’s location, eliminating the need for owners to transport them to unfamiliar environments. This approach ensures that pets can remain in their familiar surroundings, facilitating relaxation and minimizing stress during grooming sessions. By bringing the services directly to the pets, the pets are spared the anxiety of waiting in kennels, exposed to other dogs, extra noise and more. HydroDog mobile pet franchise offers the same convenience for the pet owner. The owner does not have to take time out of their day and can be comforted that their pet is receiving 1:1 care and love in the comfort of their driveway.

happy dog looking at the camera from inside a hydrodog mobile grooming vehicle

Clients That Keep Coming Back

More and more people are adding furry friends to their family. Money spent on pets continues to rise, and so does the need for grooming. Pet owners worldwide spend approximately $300 billion a year on their pets! HydroDog prides itself with outstanding customer service, professional grooming, and overall pet care. We can expect recurring clientele by being mobile and providing the exceptional service and convenience that pet owners are looking for.


Everything that we offer is at the convenience of our clients. HydroDog goes to the client, allowing the client's day to go on without interruption. After the first visit, it is not even necessary for the client to be home. We take the mess when we leave, delivering happy, clean, and healthy pets back to the owner.

Time is Money

HydroDog respects your time and understands that life is busy. Though mobile grooming comes with a cost, our client's time is worth more. HydroDog mobile saves our clients time and stress with each visit, which is something our loyal HydroDog clients have come to appreciate.

Full Service at Your Convenience

HydroDog pets become family. Our groomers often see your pets on a regular schedule and are the first line in overall heath. By offering our clients more services, we are providing full care and convenience. HydroDog Virtual Vet is just one additional service we offer to keep our pup clients healthy and happy, and their owners, too. Naturally, this is building trust and a stronger relationship within local neighborhoods.

Low overhead costs for mobile franchise owners in the pet care industry

With mobile franchises, you are saving money by eliminating the cost of expensive retail spaces as well as the cost of upkeep. Sure there are expenses in every business, but choosing mobile is choosing a lower overhead and more cost-efficient business customs.

Cost-saving business solutions as a mobile dog grooming franchise owner:

Exceptional service with convenience

Time is precious, and customers understand the value of theirs. Offering time-saving convenience for services the client needs adds an appealing value. People will spend more money for convenience and a service well done.

Positive environment for mobile groomers

Working in the mobile unit is often found to be more relaxing for the groomer than a salon. Groomers are able to have a sense of ownership and work on their craft with their clients. This environment decreases the turnover which saves you money.

It’s not year 5 but day 1 when you join a franchise

At HydroDog we have decades of systems, procedures, and technology in place and provided for you on day one. Start-up businesses take years to get to, whereas franchises start you on day one. The brand is proven and the tools are there, allowing your business to grow in your local community.

Name Your HydroDog

Every vehicle in our mobile dog grooming franchise is named by the owner. This is a unique name, like your business. Together we are a strong brand; individual you are your own business. What will you name your HydroDog?

a couple outside their mobile pet grooming franchise with Hydrodog

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