Top 5 Dog Care Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

June 30, 2020

Written by Guest Blogger William Roy

The coronavirus pandemic has left not just us, but our pets locked in our houses and wondering what to do next or when we will be able to get back living like we used to. For us, it might be a bit easier to adjust to the situation, but our dogs are dependent upon us to be taken care of and to make them stay happy and healthy while staying in the house.

You will find many ESA doctors reviews and articles about how you can take care of your dog adequately during the quarantine. As there is no evidence of transmission of coronavirus to and from the dog until now, so extra care must be taken to keep them safe. Here are the top five tips to take care of your dog during coronavirus pandemic:


The term social distancing is all over social media and you can hear it on the news channels repeatedly. The only way to stay safe from coronavirus is to isolate oneself and stay away from one another. This is applicable to our dogs too. It is important for their safety that we must keep ourselves away from them. Limit their access to one or two rooms only. Limit the physical contact between you and your dog. It is the novelty of the coronavirus that has put us in an uncertain situation like this. Therefore, it is better not to risk your or your dog’s health and maintain a healthy distance.


 The pro tip to keep your dog healthily safe is to take extra care of its hygiene. Make sure to clean your dog’s crate or any other thing that it uses or plays with by using some good-quality sanitizer or antibacterial cleaning agent. Try cleaning your dog’s coat at least after a day or a two. Moreover, use gloves while cleaning for your safety. You must clean your house on a regular basis because cleanliness is known to be the best measure that can be taken to avoid coronavirus spread.

Keeping Them Happy and Entertained:

The global lockdown is creating panic among people and is leading to depression. Your dog can fell prey to anxiety and depression because of the constant situation. Therefore, you must pay extra attention to how you can keep it entertained indoors. You must look up for some dog toys. Else, you look up for some indoor games for dogs on the internet and give them a try. Moreover, you can take your dog out for a walk after every day or two but you must take the precautions before you step out of the house i.e. wear masks and gloves and maintain a safe distance from everyone outside. Leave your shoes outside the house, when you come back and use a disinfectant to clean them up. Change your clothes take a bath and ensure your safety by maximizing your hygiene.

Stock up on Food and Medication:

Food is a vital part of your dog’s health. A good quality dog food is what makes your dog physically and mentally fit. We often choose dog food as per the recommendation of our vet. Therefore, in an uncertain situation like this, there is a great chance that the dog food can get out of stock because people might be buying it in excess to stock up during quarantine. Therefore, make sure that you have enough dog food that can last up to three or four weeks.

Similarly, hospitals these days are more like danger zones. Therefore, it is better to stock up on your dog’s necessary medications such as ointments, painkillers, etc. so that in case of any minor injury or something, you don’t have to rush to a hospital or the vet to get it treated. Stock up on all the essentials so that you don’t have to step out of the house every now and then.

Focus on Your Health:

Since humans are more likely to fell prey to the novel coronavirus, therefore, it is vital for your dog’s safety that you must take extra care of your health. Avoid going out of your house unnecessarily. Moreover, take all the precautions that are prescribed by WHO. Maintaining an overall healthy environment in your house by focusing on your and your dog’s hygiene is undoubtedly the best possible option at the moment to counter the coronavirus.

Final Thoughts:

Your dogs need extra care and attention during times like these so that they can stay happy and healthy. Make sure to follow these simple tips and ensure their safety. Moreover, to keep your dog happy and healthy, it is important for you to take care of yourself. If you will be healthy only then you can take adequate care of your little furry roommate. Above all, stay home and stay safe!

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