The challenges of grooming a small dog

March 2, 2018

Grooming a small dog can be a challenge. Even the smallest of dogs can come with the biggest personality. Like any dog, they may dance around, pull, growl, or even bite when faced with a grooming situation. With their small stature, they can be more sensitive and delicate and handling can be challenging.

We’re ready for the challenge! HydroDog’s trained, insured, and dog-loving groomers come to your home and handle your small breed (and other breeds) dogs in a professional manner. Our trip to you will lower the stress levels for your little guy or gal. All you have to do is walk them outside and we’ll be waiting, ready to offer a calming, cleansing hydrobath and additional grooming services. We even tackle fleas and ticks!

We understand that small dogs are prone to eye discharge which requires proper upkeep. Rinsing the area well and keeping it trimmed prevents the eye gunk buildup that can lead to infections and corneal scratches.

Tiny nails can be difficult to trim. Small dogs have such small paws and move quickly making handling an extra challenge. There’s a risk involved in trimming, especially if the nails are dark. Taking off too much of the nail can result in nasty bleeding, so HydroDog groomers are extra careful to manage small dog needs.

Small dogs have more trouble cleaning themselves when it comes to their anal glands. You may notice a foul odor, scooting, and extra licking that’s just not taking care of the issue. Our groomers are prepared to clean and trim the area with extra care. We are usually able to empty these glands externally during your dog’s bath, but if we notice any issues here, we’ll let you know to contact your vet for more specialized care.

As your groomer, HydroDog’s team will ask you questions about your dog to get to know them. We’ll ask you their name, their age, their weight, about previous grooming experiences, and more. We use all this knowledge to help us manage your dog’s needs and get to know their personality. We want to make the experience as pleasant for the dog as we can!

We’re ready to make your small breed dog a HydroDog dog! Visit our website at to find a HydroDog groomer near you and schedule your appointment today!

Fetch a HydroDog groomer in your area today and let your pup be pampered to pawfection!