With HydroDog Mobile Dog Grooming, every dog has its day! Our mobile groomers love driving our one-of-a-kind grooming trucks to your location. It's more convenient for you than trucking your pup to a "brick and mortar" groomer, and it's fun for us to get out and about!

Ever seen HydroDog in action? Get a preview of a dog wash in action by checking our website or one of our community events. At these famous events, we give back to the community, and can wash and groom your dog, too! Have a four-legged friend needing a wash or groom? Click the red button below and request an appointment today.

About Dallie Leander

My name is Allyssa!
Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had the dream that I could save every animal in the world. I have a great passion for animals. Over 14 years ago I moved from Chicago to Leander, TX. I have pushed through every obstacle to get where I am today, giving my everything to love and care for animals.
I have been a kennel tech, a vet assistant, and have been grooming for over 8+ years. I have enjoyed every minute of it and haven’t looked back.
My family and I live on a 10-acre farm where we have dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and peafowl named “Kevin” & “Gracie”. I’m a strong believer in proper care and health for animals. My main focus is educating myself as much as I can so I can achieve my dream of saving animals lives.
In my spare time I like to paint, craft, and cook with my mom. I also love to ride my horse, Troy, especially into the sunset. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t all of these precious animals being in my life.
I’m so excited to start my new journey with Hydrodog and become part of the Blue Blood Family and achieving their goal of ending euthanasia world-wide.
I can’t wait to come to your home and be your HydroDog & Cat Groomer in the Liberty Hill, Leander & Cedar Park Area, where your dog is my priority!

Always a Gentle & Loving touch. A friend to your best friend – Allyssa

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