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Hot Springs / South East Rapid City South Dakota

Meet Samantha Bilbruck, owner/operator of Hydrodog “Kai” in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Samantha was introduced to the HydroDog family by longtime friend and fellow Hydrodog franchisee, Callie McShane. Samantha has had a passion for animals-especially those of the canine family-her entire life, and always had dreams of opening a dog shelter. When Hydrodog came into her life, she was thrilled that her lifelong dreams of working with dogs could become a reality and Hydrodog’s Bathe to Save mission

Phone: (605) 517-2027

Hours: Mon - Fri 8a - 6p

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About Kai Hot Springs / South East Rapid City South Dakota

Samantha was a rural North Dakotan her first 19 years, before moving her life to the Black Hills of South Dakota with her husband Tyler, where she has resided since 2012. Tyler has spent most of his adult life with a passion for firefighting, wood-working, and working as an engineer for BNSF Railway.

Samantha and Tyler are now living happily in Hot Springs with their two amazing rescues, Trigger and Bandit. Trigger is a 7-year-old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix with infinite amounts of energy. He likes to play catch, learn tricks, intently stare at shadows/lights on the wall, and dissect his treats to make sure there are no medications in them. He also loves to swim and lay down to eat his food. Bandit is a 4-year-old Husky/Lab mix with a calmer demeanor and no sense of personal space. He likes to take naps, glare at you when you wake him up, and lay his 65-pound self anywhere he can fit it as long as he is close to you. He also enjoys laying in front of the water bowl so Trigger can’t have any and ruining a good game of catch because he’s terrible at it.

Samantha has completed months of online courses, as well as intensive hands-on training in Harrisonville, MO with Becky and Jay Walker who have more than 30 years of experience grooming and teaching. She plans to continue her education and experience with seminars, additional courses, and workshops as she believes you can never have enough knowledge on a topic you’re passionate about. A high regard for your pet’s safety, along with high standards for a job well done and a one on one grooming approach helps ensure a happy pet and happy pet parent each appointment!

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