With HydroDog Mobile Dog Grooming, every dog has its day! Our mobile groomers love driving our one-of-a-kind grooming trucks to your location. It's more convenient for you than trucking your pup to a "brick and mortar" groomer, and it's fun for us to get out and about!

Ever seen HydroDog in action? Get a preview of a dog wash in action by checking for an upcoming Bathe to Save event in your community. At these famous events, we wash shelter dogs just before adoption into their new homes. Not only is HydroDog helping rescue dogs from euthanasia, but we can wash and groom your dog, too! Have a four-legged friend needing a wash or groom? Click the red button below and request an appointment today.

Texarkana Arkansas

Meet Jory and Melissa Moore, owner/operators of" Hydrodog Shugg". They will be servicing the Texarkana, AR area. Melissa and her husband Jory discovered Hydrodog while searching for dog grooming opportunities. Amber Whitt, Master Franchisee for Arkansas and Oklahoma promptly contacted them sharing her broad knowledge of the business concept of Hydrodog, and their mission to promote rescue/shelter adoptions through their Bathe to Save Events.

Estimated Open Date: January 18, 2021

Store hours and information coming soon!

About Shugg Texarkana Arkansas

Jory and Melissa have 4 children, and 4 very loved fur babies, They have 3 bulldog mixes: Willie, Chuka, Suzy and a precious 6 pound yorkie-poo aka king of the house, Sucre (pronounced Sue-cray). They have always had a passion for all animals. If it were up to Melissa they would have a dog sanctuary for any and all dogs in need of a home. Jory keeps a close eye on Melissa so she isn’t bringing home a new dog every day. This is where the added bonus of the Bathe to Save events sealed the deal.

Melissa is really looking forward to pampering your pup and providing them with undivided care and attention!

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