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What We Offer

 HydroDog Mobile Dog Grooming, offers convenience for you  and your pup.  HydroDog offers a wide variety of spaw treatments for any size or age of dog.  HydroDog is your neighborhoods preferred dog groomer.  1:1 attention, chemical free products, knowledgable groomers to care and love on your dog.  Looking for affordable, easy dog grooming?  You found it!

Full service dog grooming where ever your dog may be.  Schedule with us when looking for dog grooming, dog bath, dog brushing, ear cleaning.  HydroDog also handles the bigger messes such as ticks, fleas, skunks and shave downs.  Our talented groomers will assess your dog and recommend a maintenance schedule that suits you and your dog.  HydroDog is locally owned and the dog groomer near you.  

Dog Washing

Let our trained, insured, and dog-loving groomers wash your dog!

Dog Grooming

Your canine buddy will be tail-wagging happy when he sees our van pull up!

Fleas, Ticks, and Skunks

Our special tick treatments ensure your canine continues to enjoy the outdoors.

HydroDog in
Overland, MO

About George

My name is Valerie Kelley. I have been grooming dogs since 2009. I enjoy bathing/grooming dogs and seeing the dogs happy as they get groomed and leaving the truck stress free. HydroDog is a perfect opportunity for me because I have dreamt of owning a mobile dog grooming business for many years. I love the bonus that HydroDog offers with helping to save sheltered dogs and find them forever homes. I have 2 kids, Wyatt and Skyler, who both love animals. I have a cat named Jasper, who enjoys being at your feet and hitting you any chance he gets. I have a Bullmastiff named Lazlo, who enjoys playing with the kids and chasing the cat. And I have an 8 year old mixed dog named Rhody, who tries to keep everybody in their place. I am excited to meet you and your fur-babies!

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