Ins and outs of spring grooming

March 16, 2018

Spring grooming is great for any dog. Over the winter months, many dogs grow a heavier coat to protect them during the colder temperatures and less than desirable weather. That means that when the weather changes, dog hair will be everywhere as your dog begins to shed this extra layer. Thick coats can become matted as that hair loosens and tangles into the remaining layer. Undercoat can become almost felted together if it’s not brushed out as the shedding begins.

The first step in the spring grooming routine should be brushing. Brushing is good for dogs with short, medium, or long hair … undercoat or not. It might require several brushing sessions to get the process started on the right foot. Plus, you don’t want to upset your dog or bore them with a very, very long brushing session, so split it up a bit. Pick a brush that is gentle on the skin. If you can drag it across your own hand comfortably it should work just fine. The type of brush needed will vary on the breed of dog and the type of coat, so see your professional dog grooming partners at HydroDog for suggestions on the appropriate brush, slicker brush, rakes, or combs.

Bath time should follow the diligent brushing. During the shampoo, we look for lumps, cuts, scratches, ticks, or other issues hidden by the heavy winter coat. We take the time to massage the dog and feel their skin, looking for tangles or troubles. After the shampoo, a conditioner is used to counter wintry dryness. When we’re done, we wrapped your dog up in towels to be sure they are warm as they dry and then some dogs are comfortable with the blow dryer. We set that temperature to warm.

Consider spring grooming a time to take a closer look at your dog. We look at their ears and eyes to be sure they are clean and not causing any comfort issues. A dog’s eyes should be bright and not red or irritated or cloudy. We also take a look at their nails and ensure that they are trimmed to the appropriate and safe length.

As winter turns to spring, wet weather can bring with it mud and muck. The grass hasn’t quite come back yet and your dog may take to the muddy yard creating a big mess. That’s when you can call HydroDog to come to your doorstep and save your sanity! We can keep that mud out of your home. Click here to find a HydroDog franchise near you.

Fetch a HydroDog groomer in your area today and let your pup be pampered to pawfection!