Grooming senior dogs

February 23, 2018

Getting your senior dog groomed can be a difficult task. Older dogs can be more sensitive to certain parts of the grooming process. If you think your dog may struggle with some of the necessary steps of going to a groomer, HydroDog Mobile Dog Grooming may be the solution for you!

One of the most critical steps when getting your senior dog groomed is finding the right groomer. This is important because older dogs can be more timid and you can make the process go more smoothly with a groomer that is specialized to treat a dog of a certain age. You’ll be glad to know that all of HydroDog’s groomers are trained in the best practices to give your senior dogs the best care that they deserve. Your dogs will be cared for as if they were our own during every service that our groomers provide.

How do your older dogs handle car rides? This is an important factor to consider. HydroDog is a mobile dog grooming service that will come right to your front door! Our customers have come to love that aspect of our business, and their dogs love it even more.

You should also take into account time management during a grooming session for older dogs. Generally, the older your dogs get, the more prone they are to lose their patience. Our groomers make sure that your time with us is efficiently spent to get your dog looking their best. We’re here to save your senior dog the discomfort of a long grooming appointment.

Getting your senior dog groomed shouldn’t be a stressful task. HydroDog groomers are professionally trained and always treat your dogs as if they were our own. If you are curious about any of our services, you can find your local HydroDog here.  Contact us, today!

Fetch a HydroDog groomer in your area today and let your pup be pampered to pawfection!