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Why Become a
Hydrodog Franchisee?

  • Increase income
  • Work with dogs ALL DAY LONG
  • Low start-up costs
  • Give back to the community
  • Control your own schedule
  • Supportive family of owner operators
  • Gain financial independance
  • Quick ROI

A Growing Franchise in a Growing Industry


Number of Franchises Fast Approaching


One of the fastest growing franchises

87.9 Million

Number of Dogs Needing Someone to Wash and Groom Them

8 Million

Dogs Washed - A "low" number of washes since the Australian franchise

Many Reasons to Join our Hydrodog Family

Poised for Explosive Growth in the United States

Each HydroDog franchise is owner operated – and each owner can purchase only one HydroDog franchise. Why? Commitment. We expect our franchisees to be committed to caring and loving our canine friends… to be committed to working with pet owners to improve the lives of both dogs and their human family… to promote dog rescue adoption and to raise money for their local shelters… and to make their HydroDog business a success!
Our owner operators can drive their own Big Blue Dog for less than $69,000 up-front and return their capital investment within 6-12 months. Our franchisees not only achieve financial independence more quickly than expected, but they do it while spending time with dogs all day long! It's a win-win for the franchisees, not to mention a major win for all of the the adopted rescue dogs from our Bathe to Save events. They're certainly happy, too.
Working for the man can take its toll. At HydroDog, the only man is man's best friend: your canine clients! You're in business for yourself. Not only are you in charge, but the economic benefits can be significant. Many of our franchisees find themselves nearly doubling their current "corporate" incomes after opening a HydroDog franchise. It's no wonder franchisees wagging their tail when they learn about our proven mobile grooming system. It's a way out from their grind.
From day 1, it's clear that new franchisees are joining a grooming family -- not just a business -- when they become a HydroDog franchisee. Controlling your own schedule is a large reason many franchisees begin, they continue because of the tremendous support from Anthony, the master franchisee in their territory, and their fellow franchisees. From learning new techniques in our online training system in HydroLink to chatting with Anthony about how to host successful Bathe to Save events, our franchisees work for themselves, not by themselves
Hydrodog - Bathe to Save
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Our Story

It All Began with Rugby and a Trailer...

Anthony Amos started his career playing professional rugby straight out of high school in Australia. While playing football Anthony decided to use his down time to start his own business, so at 21 he founded HydroDog – a mobile dog grooming service. His prototype grooming salon consisted of a secondhand hydro-bath (special dog bath) strapped on to the back of a box trailer (a far cry from the sleek, new Big Blue Dog mobile grooming truck of today). He put an ad in the local newspaper, rented a mobile phone, and he was on his way to his next step... franchising in Australia.
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From Australia to the United States

HydroDog Helps Rescue Dogs Across the U.S.

After founding HydroDog at 21 in Australia and after growing the franchise Down Under, Anthony and his family introduced the HydroDog concept in the United States by creating the Bathe to Save Tour. On the tour, the Amos family piled in a bus to travel to every state in the continental U.S. where they washed thousands of rescue dogs, all with the goal of increasing adoption and finding them a caring human home. With the tour under their belts, franchising in the U.S. made complete sense.
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2020's Poised for Massive U.S. Growth

Master Franchise Territories Now Selling Quickly

Through the Bathe to Save Tour, Anthony and HydroDog successfully raised awareness for adopting dogs at a time of epidemic-level canine euthanasia. Now, dog lovers across the country are purchasing Big Blue Dog trucks to become franchisees and fulfill their own aspirations for self-sufficiency and independence. They're also running their own local Bathe to Save events across the country, helping to rescue dogs who otherwise would be euthanized at shelters because they have no home. HydroDog not only has changed the future for many dogs, but also created a path forward for many franchisees looking to control their schedule while increasing financial stability. Now is your chance to be a part of this change!
Join the family

Somebody's always got your back. Somebody's always looking out for you. They want me to be successful. They want me to succeed in this business as much as I want to succeed in the business. It's very empowering to be around people that are like minded and have that entrepreneurial spirit.

- Suzi Balk
Master Franchisee, North Carolina
Testimonial of Suzi Balk a Master Franchisee of Hydrodog

What Does It Take To Own A Big Blue Dog?

Franchise Fee
10,000 home EXCLUSIVE territory
Deposit on Big Blue Dog
$97,000 - $112,000 build, remaining is leased
Grooming Training
Online Academy + "Boot Camp" in Missouri, and more!
Grooming Kit
Everything you need to get started
Marketing Package (P/R)
Business cards, rack cards, and other print materials
Attorney's Fee
Always need to pay the lawyer :)
Social Media
Hit the ground running! Build a book of appointments quickly
Get the BBD from South Carolina to you
On average our franchisees will tell you they rturn their capital investment of $67k within 6-12 months*

* There are 1.6 dogs per home in America. That means you access more than 16,000 dogs in your territory and you only need 300-500 customers to be fully booked



  • Amount of your booking schedule you control
  • Very unique brand concept
  • Your Big Blue Dog is named by you
  • Percentage of franchisees who go through HydroDog Academy

Don't Take Our Word For It, Hear from our Family of Franchisees!

We started building a family of franchisees. Each franchisee is part of a smaller master franchisee group.... Having something behind you -- a family -- to bounce off ideas, is just incredible.
- Dave & Sally Durman
Master Franchisees, Maryland + D.C.
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One of the things that really turned my direction is that I got interviewed by Anthony's family. They chose me! I know that Anthony's proven this in Australia. He knows what it takes.
- Betty and Mark Borst
Master Franchisees, South Dakota
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I knew when Anthony said, "Hey, mate, call me." This is something that was really going to be a big deal. Not just professionally, but personally. And we can make a big difference throughout communities.
- Drew Braisher
Master Franchisee, South Carolina
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