Four signs it’s time for a grooming

May 10, 2018

Looking for signs that your dog needs grooming? While they do a little bit of self-grooming, there are other times that signs might alert you to a need for an overall wash and trim. Take a look at our four signs and be prepared to jump in when your dog needs you.

  1. Matted Fur

Matted fur can be uncomfortable for your pup and really be a detriment to their health. Matted or tangled fur can trap dirt, debris, and pests in the coat. Trapping these things can bring damage to the skin and invite disease into the equation. Bacterial infections can arise due to dampness and damage to the skin. Matted hair around your dog’s hindquarters can trap faeces which may also spread disease to damaged skin. Even the slightest amount of matting can interrupt the natural ability for the coat to do its job of keeping the dog warm in cool months and cooler in hot months.

Illness and discomfort can be easily avoided with regular visits from your HydroDog groomer. Our unique hydrobath will gently break through the clumping while our expert’s hands massage the shampoo and conditioner into all the more difficult places to wash.

  1. Pests

Fleas and ticks can hide deep within your pet’s coat, with or without matting. It doesn’t take long for them to damage your dog’s skin and overall health. Check your dog daily for pests by sight and touch. Other physical signs can be irritated skin, sores, or excessive scratching. Over time these creepy crawlers can grow as they feed off your dog and they may even spread to other pets or family members if not kept in check. Your dog may show signs of illness through weakness and fatigue. That’s why it’s important to catch them early.

If you notice signs of fleas and ticks, call HydroDog. We’ll come to you and help with removal and treatment. Our special flea and tick treatment products are specialized for the job.

  1. All around dirty dog

Your dog is built to run outside and play in all conditions. What happens when they get into dirt, mud, or debris? It’s time for a bath! HydroDog’s quick and convenient grooming is perfect for dirty dog situations. Give us a call and we come to your door … that way you can keep your dog outside the house until they are clean and happy!

  1. Nails

Your dog’s nails are a good indicator of a need for grooming. Often the nails can be worn down naturally through long walks on hard paved surfaces, but other times your dog may just spend a lot of time on the grass where nothing’s being worn away. They should be kept trimmed and neat. If they’re growing a bit too long, you may notice them clicking on the hardwood floors. That’s when you should give HydroDog Teska a call for both a wash and nail trim.

A shiny, healthy, and clean coat has many benefits for your dog. It can ensure that they are living life to the fullest. It can also help you keep a tidy home. HydroDog  Teska has the resources and extensive training to handle all your bathing and grooming needs. Give us a call at 413-327-7400 to book your appointment and change your dog’s life today!

Fetch a HydroDog groomer in your area today and let your pup be pampered to pawfection!