Dos and Don’ts of Living with Your Pet in Quarantine

June 10, 2020

Written by Guest Blogger William Roy

The coronavirus outbreak has had us restricted to our houses from the past few days, thus putting a pause on everything that we used to call our ‘normal routine’. The terms like social distancing or quarantine have become an integral part of headlines all around the globe, leaving us in a state of uncertainty and despair. Being new to the world, the only known way to protect ourselves and our pets from coronavirus is self-isolation and cleanliness. Being confined to our houses for an unknown time period can be boring but it is not just vital for our wellbeing but is also part of our dog care. If you own a pet, it is your duty to keep them protected as there is no evidence of transfusion of coronavirus to and from the animals yet. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can help us, and our pets live pass-through this crucial time healthily and happily:


Social distancing is not just meant to be followed outside the house only, rather it is important for you to distance from your family members and pets too for their and your safety. The main thing that makes coronavirus deadly is the fact that it does not show any symptoms in the infected person for the first few days, which makes the people surrounding the infected person prone to the infection. Therefore, it is better to maintain a distance from your pets. Limit the petting and hugging them. Do not let them lick you or sit on the furniture and restrict their access to one or two rooms only.


Other than self-isolation, cleanliness is the best possible way to protect yourself and your pets. Make sure to use disinfectants on a daily basis for cleaning the entire house. Do not miss out on cleaning your dog’s or cat’s crate and their food and water trays. Change your clothes and wash them on a daily basis so that a healthy environment within the house can be kept intact for you and your pets.

Pet Food:

Currently, no one is really sure that how long this quarantine is going to last or what would be the new rules for the lockdowns, therefore, it is recommended to stock up some pet food. This does not mean to raid the grocery stores and buy as much as you see there, rather it means to stock up on quality-pet food for at least the next 14 days. Buy is in accordance with your pet’s eating habits. If they eat more, buy it more so that is can last for the next few days.


Staying at home continuously for such a long period of time is as boring for your pet as it is for you. There are many ways to keep yourself busy at home, but you must find a way to keep your furry friends busy otherwise, they might get depressed. Sanitizer all of their toys and make them play with it. Likewise, take your dog out for the daily walk but make sure to follow all the precautions suggested by WHO i.e. maintain 6 feet distance from other people, wear masks, gloves and protective clothing layer that can be discarded before entering the house. Do not forget to wash your hands before and after touching them.


Hospitals are dangerous zones these days. You should avoid visiting doctors and vets until and unless there is some grave emergency. Make sure to stock up on some basic medications for you and your pets. Buy some bandages, ointments, painkillers, etc. Make your home a well-equipped sanctuary until the world gets back to its normal self!

All of sudden our lives have become an irony, where distance has replaced hugs as the symbol of love. However, quarantine is the best option for us and our loved one’s health. We must ensure to follow the rules and precautions that are being prescribed by the government and the WHO. Every individual needs to play their part and help eradicate and purify this world the coronavirus. The better we opt for self-care the sooner we are going to get out of this phase. Let’s make the world a better, healthy and happy place to live by reevaluating our lives during this quarantine!

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