Choosing the best dog groomer for the job

May 10, 2018

There are many things to consider when looking for a groomer. Your dog is a valued member of the family, so you want the best care for them. How do you go about choosing the best possible groomer for the job?

A groomer has to properly handle the dog and take precautions required around often sharp instruments like scissors and clippers. They’re also working in wet conditions and need to be able to handle a dog in a somewhat dangerous situation.

Here are some tips to help you find the right groomer for the job.

Look for reviews and referrals.

A groomed dog is a walking billboard for any groomer, that’s why you should pay attention to well-groomed pups as you’re out and about. Ask the pet owner for a referral to their groomer of choice. You should also check online reviews to be sure that there are other happy pet owners out there pleased with the services provided.

Are they insured?

It’s important to take your pet to a groomer who has professional liability insurance specifically designed for groomers. For example, HydroDog Teska has a comprehensive insurance policy that provides coverage if your dog is injured in our care.

Listen to what the groomer has to say.

As you bring your dog in for a consultation with the groomer before the actual job is completed, listen to what the groomer has to say. They should be asking important questions about your dog’s breed, demeanor, habits, and likes and dislikes. If they seem to want to get to know your dog, it is a good indication that they have your dog’s needs as their priority. A good dog groomer won’t rush into a job and just jump in and get started. Don’t forget to ask them questions about their practices and make yourself feel comfortable in the situation.

Ask for certification or proof of training.

It’s important that your groomer has adequate training in their field. For example, HydroDog Teska’s groomers have had five intensive weeks of training at the prestigious Nash Academy in Kentucky before they enter the field. They study up on the history of dogs, safety measures, dog health, and much more to ensure that they’re providing only the best service to your pup.

Trust your gut.

If you’ve asked around about a groomer and then met with them in person and you’re just not sure about placing your dog in their care, you should use your best judgment. If you get the feeling that they are crated, not handled properly, or given less attention than necessary, then you should consider other options. A good groomer will really get to know your dog and take the time to handle and love on them to make them comfortable.

Consider HydroDog Teska for your grooming job. Our experts are highly skilled in the art of grooming and are all-around dog lovers who have your dog’s best interests in mind. Give us a call at 413-327-7400 to book your appointment and change your dog’s life today!

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