Bathe To Save Tour Interviewed by Larry King

January 7, 2017

We have had many celebrities involved with the Bathe To Save Tour, as we have been featured on popular television shows and interviewed by news programs of all types.  Famous TV personality and host Larry King got involved with supporting our cause of saving dogs from euthanasia, and he recorded a short promotional video and was on location at a dog-washing charity event to express his support and to discuss our shared passion for supporting dog shelters.

This same mission also informs HydroDog, and with this excellent publicity, we have the attention of a wide audience of people around the country who will support their local HydroDog franchises as we soon expand our mobile grooming locations throughout the United States.  Our franchising model, which combines a passion for the welfare of dogs with financial growth opportunities and the support of a dedicated international community, has been proven a massive success in Australia.  We are now ready to unleash the love in the United States!

Watch the videos with Larry King below, and contact us if you are interested in Franchise Opportunities or getting involved with local dog-washing events in support of local shelters!

Larry King promotes Bathe To Save & HydroDog

Larry King interviewed on location at Bathe To Save Event

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