Aussie Family Captures National Attention on Animal Planet with Furever Home Family by Saving Dogs From Euthanasia

July 23, 2020

The Amos family has dedicated their lives to travel across the world to make a difference for animal adoption and saving dogs from euthanasia.

One by one, Americans are falling in love with the Amos family and HydroDog’s mobile grooming business after the family and their “Bathe To Save Tour” was picked up by Animal Planet for a six-part documentary series. HydroDog is best known for its exceptional dog grooming services offered inside their famous “Big Blue Dog,” a fully-functional, fiberglass, dog grooming salon on wheels. The inspiring new series, Furever Home Family is currently airing on Animal Planet. The show highlights the lively Australian family as they make their way across the US on their “Bathe to Save Tour.” The show is jam-packed with fun, energy and is also full of emotion as every stop has a new shelter story to highlight and new homes to be found.

What ties this family into HydroDog is that the entire concept was founded by Anthony Amos, an Australian entrepreneur at the young age of 21. He envisioned and built the trailer system compete with a giant dog bath in the form of a massive, over-sized blue dog to travel around city streets and in 7 short years, Amos became one of the youngest millionaires in Australia after revolutionizing the mobile grooming industry.

The next step for the business was to launch HydroDog in the United States and replicate our success from Australia,” says Amos. “Upon detailed research we learned that roughly 5,000 dogs a day are euthanized in the United States, ” says Amos. “That is when our passion for growing the HydroDog took a serious shift towards ’Bathe to Save‘ as we had a brand-new mission.”

The initiative titled ‘Bathe to Save’ was a brainchild of the family which was powered by their children and fueled by the parents. The Amos family purchased an RV and began to plan their US tour with the goal of raising the profile for local shelters and holding bathing and adoption events to lead to finding every rescue pup a Furever Home Family.

The Amos family teamed up with a video production company, The Workshop, to enter a co-production partnership with the family. The Workshop joined the tour to film the massive effort by following the Amos family and Bubbles, the Big Blue Dog as they visited shelters and rescues across the U.S. by hosting events & fundraisers, bathing thousands of dogs, and promoting animal adoption.

While on tour, the HydroDog franchise grew organically across the US as the Big Blue Dog was spotted state-to-state, bathing and saving thousands of dogs.

“The turning point for our family was when we got the call that our documentary series was picked up by Animal Planet,” Amos said. “We knew we were doing something special, but this was an opportunity for us to reach an entire new audience.”

Enter 2020 and with the pandemic upon us, there is no better time than now to adopt a dog, or own your own business. Franchise sales are going through the roof. The ”Bathe to Save” initiative is now airing nationwide on Animal Planet and the franchise is gaining traction with dog lovers of all kinds as they partner with adoption facilities and work hand-in-hand with the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” mission.

You can find Big Blue Dogs roaming the streets throughout Kansas, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia as more and more dogs join the pack. In addition to an incredible franchising opportunity for groomers, the charity component of the company with Bathe to Save brings a national light to traditional grooming services. HydroDog franchisees are able to use the model in their own communities to drive awareness to various rescue groups and organizations and ultimately save many dogs lives.

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HydroDog was founded when Anthony Amos an Australian rugby player decided to use his down time to start his own business. At 21 he and he founded the mobile dog grooming business. He quickly turned to franchising to meet the high demand the business experienced. Within five years of offering the business as a franchise HydroDog had grown to over 100 franchises across Australia where he implemented the master franchise program where he sold all states & territories within 18 months, in turn sky rocketing franchise sales to 200 franchises across the country. Now the brand is expanding the revolutionary dog grooming franchise in the United States with its fiberglass mobile grooming salon in the shape of a big blue dog. For more information go to

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