Amazing Facts to Know About Emotional Support Animals

February 29, 2020

Emotional support animals are often confused with a regular pet. ESAs are animals that are able to do tasks for people with disabilities and give some emotional support to them. They are more like a companion and provide comfort and relief to people having a physical disability.

A proper recommendation letter from a certified psychiatrist is needed in order to adopt a Michigan emotional support animal. Conditions like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder are what qualifies a person to be able to adopt an ESA Arizona. Here are some amazing facts that are not widely known among people about emotional support animals.

1. Variety

There is a misconception that only dogs can be emotional support animals. However, the truth is that an ESA can be any animal that you will prefer. For instance, there is a variety of them that are mostly preferred around the world like rats, cats, pigs, lizards, snakes or a bird.

The limitation is that it should not be harmful to you or other people. Even if you want a dog, it should be of a breed that is considered to be friendly and are trained to behave well in public. 

2. Restrictions

Once you are certified to adopt and ESA, you can always keep it at your residence even if your landlord wants any pet in his house, you are legally allowed to have it, which means you can keep a pet in a no pet society.

However, in certain public places like restaurants or other entertainment joints, ESA is not allowed. Therefore, you can inquire about the terms and conditions of any place before visiting it.

3. Health Benefits

Just as medication and therapy are integral to cure any mental illness, emotional support animals also play a significant role in curing certain psychological disorders. They provide comfort and emotional support to those who need them and help overcome emotional distress to a greater extent. You can talk to your animal whenever you want, without fear of being judged and this helps you become social. They are beneficial particularly, for kids having autism. 

The patient feels safer and more relaxed in the presence of their ESA. Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder can have traumatic flashbacks which can cause insomnia. However, the presence of an ESA makes the patients feel safe, which is more likely to say that patients can sleep well which gradually helps eradicate the illness completely. It diverts their attention and keeps them busy which reduces the symptoms of their illness, thus, increasing patient’s self-esteem and giving them motivation and direction of life. An emotional support animal can raise the level of oxytocin and dopamine which induces in patients a feeling of happiness and well-being in a person. The attention and affection that your ESA shows lifts your mood and keeps you happy. 

4. Traveling Companions

To get an emotional support animal, you are needed to be examined by a psychiatrist. If you are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or panic attack and mood disorders, then you are given a letter that enables you to adopt an ESA.

Therefore, this letter also allows you to take your companion with you during flights. However, the animal should be able to remain calm on board at least particularly during flights that can last longer than 8 hours. 

5. Emotional Stability

Having an emotional support animal keeps your emotions stables. Even an ordinary person who has a pet feels relaxed by merely petting their pet or by hugging it. So, if you are going through some emotional instability, having a companion always beside you who loves you unconditionally and is not judgmental, keeps you calm and relaxed. They help to stabilize your emotions. 

Having emotional and social support all the time is the best thing anyone can ever ask for. Going through any mental illness can be tough, but the cures like having an ESA makes it easy for you to overcome it. Emotional support animals are the best treatment while being perfect companions and friends simultaneously.

The unconditional love and affection that they provide make them a perfect companion for a person with mental illness. If you or your loved ones are suffering from some serious mental illness, do opt for getting an emotional support animal and boost up your well-being. 

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