Amazing Facts that Will Make You Love Your Canine Pal Even More

June 15, 2020

Let’s face it, most of us go all loopy when we see a dog coming toward us. The cuter the dog, the sillier the expression on our face is likely to be. And really, what’s there not to like – they are passionately devoted to their humans and love them unconditionally. So long as you take them out for a walk, throw a ball over and over again, and then curl up on a sofa together watching White Fang, they care little what you do for a living or how you look first thing in the morning. Dogs have been our companions for a long, long time. The oldest dog fossil is nearly 10,000 years old, and the bond has gone from strength to strength since then. Today, they are cherished companions and much-loved family members. Naturally, being a good dog parent is demanding. Simply providing food, exercise, and a roof over their heads is not enough. It is recommended to get your dog spayed or nurtured since that serves as a prevention form uncontrolled breeding and diseases. As a result, your dog would live longer. However, even after this procedure, they need regular vet check-ups, proper grooming, training, as well as time and dedication, which will help them feel loved and secure. On the other hand, dogs still play an important part when it comes to disabled and special needs people since they are trained to help them cope with everyday life. Typically, it takes about a year to train a service dog, and they are carefully tested before they can be placed with special needs owners. In fact, some service dogs can be trained to detect epileptic seizures so they can warn their owners before the seizure takes place, which helps them manage the condition in a far more secure environment. Also, it is good to know that you always have to ask the service dog’s owner if you can pet it instead of just doing it without permission. Remember that these dogs are working animals, and the safety of their owner has to be their main focus of attention. And while we might think we already know everything about our beloved canine friends, there are so many incredible dog facts that will make them even more special to us. Some will most likely make us blink in wonder, while others will make us more understanding and knowledgeable about dogs. Check out the infographic that follows and expand your knowledge about these incredible creatures.

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