Advantages of mobile grooming

April 12, 2018

No separation anxiety or cages

Some pets experience separation anxiety when you leave them at the groomer. A groomer can often keep your pet away from home for several hours for the appointment. This means your dog is alone in a cage while waiting and that can put stress on them.

By the end of a standard appointment, they’ll really be missing you; all the more reason to schedule a visit from HydroDog! We’ll pull up in your drive and you bring your dog right out to us. You don’t have to leave their side and that will make them know they’re at home with HydroDog.

No physical stress and no tranquilizers necessary

When stressed out, dogs can exhibit odd or disruptive behaviors. This can include excessive panting, tucked tail, bristled coat, darting, running, and more. These stress symptoms can be so serious that you may have opted for tranquilizers during your last standard grooming appointment.

When you’re at home though, your dog will be much more calm and happy. They will likely wag their way right into our hydrobath with you at their side.

No exposure to other animals

Does your dog get all riled up when they are around other animals? Do they try to smell them, chase them, or even attack them? This can be a serious liability issue for you and the groomer.

Ditch the waiting room drama for a visit from HydroDog. We pull up to your door and you can walk your dog right inside our mobile grooming unit with no animal distractions.

No car sickness, keep your car clean

There is nothing worse than a sick dog in the car. You do not need to deal with throw up. For that matter, you shouldn’t have to deal with a dirty dog in your clean car either. Save yourself the mess and just call HydroDog!

A bonding experience

We individually bond with your dog and build trust that will be there for many grooming appointments to come. Your dog will love the personalized attention and expert care provided by our groomers. We get to know them by name and quirks. We even bring treats if it’s ok with you, the owner.

Hiring a professional

Mobile pet grooming services provide a convenient and easy way to get your pet groomed. Trust your dog’s grooming needs to HydroDog’s expert groomers. The convenience and affordability of our services will be the perfect solution for you and your pup!

Fetch a HydroDog groomer in your area today and let your pup be pampered to pawfection!