5 reasons dog grooming is important

May 4, 2018

HydroDog knows that grooming your dog is essential for their health, but do you know why? Regular dog grooming has numerous benefits and isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Choosing to adopt a dog and make them a part of your family comes with a lot of responsibility, regular grooming being one of them.

  1. Your dog will look better

Making sure our furry friends have an appearance that is clean and well groomed is good for everyone. Just like us, animals feel better when they get look good. Knowing when your dog needs to be groomed next can be as easy as just paying attention to them every day. Ensuring that your dog’s fur is regularly brushed can also help in their next grooming visit. Take time every day to watch out for their health, how they look and making sure they’re loved.

  1. Shedding

Some dogs shed more than others, but HydroDog offers a deshedding service to help get rid of colder season’s coats. Taking time every day to brush your dog can also help them be more adjusted for a stranger grooming them.

  1. Socialization

It’s not uncommon for dogs to not see many other people besides their owners and immediate family. Having your dog groomed can not only introduce them to other people, but also other dogs getting groomed at the same time.

  1. Preventative Medical Care

Grooming your dog allows you to get a full look at their body and you can potentially find a medical issue early on. An abnormality could be anything from a sore to lumps under their skin.

  1. Overall health

If your dog’s fur has any knots in them, the feeling can be similar to keeping in a ponytail for too long. We love our dogs and want to make sure they’re as comfortable in their skin and fur as possible. Regular grooming lets your groomer know your dog and will also allow them to find any abnormalities, whether that’s from injuries, ticks, or lumps.

HydroDog wants to make sure your furry friends are taken care of year-round; we can come right to your front door and give your dog the grooming session they need to stay healthy and happy. If it’s time for your dog’s next grooming, call your local HydroDog, and we’ll come to you!

Fetch a HydroDog groomer in your area today and let your pup be pampered to pawfection!